SpotCharge: Get your EV fast charged at your door step

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SpotCharge: Get your EV fast charged at your door step

New Delhi/ Gurugram:

Today, India is all set to adopt electric mobility in daily life and become a world leader in the electric vehicle (EV) market. Government reports suggest that by the year 2030, about 30% of all passenger cars being sold in India will be EVs, so there is huge scope as more and more people are adopting them.

All major automobile manufacturers in India have already introduced their EV models into the market. however, the slow development of EV charging networks and lack of easy charging platforms, have slowed the demand. In a recent market survey on EVs, it was found that many potential customers are willing to buy an EV but these constraints kept them postponing their decisions.

In the latest step toward a sustainable future, a Gurugram-based start-up, SpotCharge® has brought in an innovative solution for charging four-wheeler EVs parked in high-rise residential societies, commercial buildings, malls, and parking lots. Apart from the conventional static fast charging services for four-wheelers and charging solutions for two and three-wheelers, which are also on the list of offerings. SpotCharge® could temporarily turn a parking spot into an EV charging space with a vehicle-mounted fast-charger, even for places where supporting electrical infrastructure is not available or for places where dedicated space to set up a static charger is not available.  

Speaking on the problems that most EV users in metropolitan cities are facing, Ms. Gargi Singh, Founder SpotCharge® adds, “our vast research data helped us to develop a deep understanding regarding the same. First, the availability of 8-10hr of uninterrupted power supply for charging EV is not common, and unattended charging at a remote location may cause anxiety to the car owners. Second, it is strenuous for residents and office goers to set up these slow-paced chargers in their parking lots. Furthermore, car owners may not have time to specially visit the fast-charging station and spend 50 minutes to 1 hour there. And third, static chargers can attend only to a limited number of users in a given time slot, this bottleneck can lead to long waiting queues.”

While talking more about the solution, Mr. Rishit Naik, Founder SpotCharge® emphasized “We believe that our distinctive service is apt to address all the above-listed barriers. We have aimed to create charging EVs, super easy, and accessible at the doorstep. In this wake, our users can book their slots using SpotCharge® Web or Mobile App and the designated operator will reach the designated location. The charging duration would be around 45-60 minutes. The customer can monitor the charging procedure in real-time via SpotCharge® mobile and web applications. Our mission is to give a delighting experience to our customers.”

Currently, the company is delivering fast-charging “at customer’s doorstep” at numerous locations in Gurugram. In addition to that, SpotCharge® is in the process of launching a roadside assistance service for EV users who are out of charge at remote places. After the successful stint in Gurugram, SpotCharge® is set to expand its footprints in other mega cities such as Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Kolkata.

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