1 - Can I book my slot from anywhere?
A - Yes, customers can book slots from anywhere using the SpotCharge portal.

2 - Can I reschedule my booking slot?
A - Yes, a customer can reschedule his booking slot two hours before. However, it may charge you extra.

3 - Are there any rescheduling charges?
A - Yes, a customer has to pay a minimal amount of rescheduling.

4 - What will be the charges for Charging Vehicle?
A - Charges might vary from station to station. It will be similar to what standing commercial fast chargers charge, which is approx 21-26 INR per unit. 

5 - Is it costlier than other standing fast charging stations?
A - No, we provide door to door service by charging the approximately same price.

6 - Do I need to be available at the time for charging?
A - No, unlike with other commercial Charging Stations, customers are not required to be physically present at the time of charging. Our supervisor will take care of your vehicle.

7 - How my vehicle will get charged?
A - Customers just need to open the vehicle lid before leaving his/her parking slot. Rest SpotCharge will take care.

8 - How will I get to know that charging has started?
A - Customer will receive a message when the charging is started and will be notified after completion of the same or you can just visit your account section on the SpotCharge portal where one can witness real-time monitoring.

9 - Can I have real-time monitoring?
A - Yes, a customer can keep a track of charging through the SpotCharge portal.

10 - What is the minimum balance I need to maintain in my account?
A - Customers need to maintain a minimum balance of INR 700 in his/her Wallet

11 - What if my wallet balance is low?
A - Customers have to maintain a minimum balance to enjoy uninterrupted services

12 - Why do we need to maintain the minimum balance?
A - The SpotCharge is a prepaid service and will provide restricted services according to your wallet balance. To get maximum benefit we recommend you maintain wallet balance according to your car capacity.

13 - Is it safe to leave our Vehicle unattended during the time of charge?
A - Yes, it will be charged under the Physical Supervision of the SpotCharge supervisor.

14 - How Fast will it Charge?
A - We can charge Vehicle 90% in less than 50 minutes

15 - How can I pay you?
A - You can add a balance in your SpotCharge wallet by any means such as UPI, debit card, credit card, net banking, or any other wallet, and the billed amount will be deducted from your wallet post completion of the service.

16 - Why adding vehicle details is mandatory?
A - It is mandatory because the basic details will help us identify your vehicle and other details will enable us to provide you with more details regarding the charging process.



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