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Can operate sitting at home

No waiting in a queue

24 X 7 available

Real time monitoring

Physical supervision for better safety

Can charge vehicle 90% in less than 50 minutes

Why spot charge?

We know that getting charging infra at your disposal is a dainty task, even the availability of commercial charging stations is rare, upon that killing one hour at the charging station is a challenge in itself. That's where "SPOT CHARGE" kick in.

How to book your slot?

Spot Charger (30kW)

Static Charger (30kW)

AC Fast Charger (7.4kW)

Smart Plug (3.3kW)

Top Features

Why Spotcharge is preferred over any other charging facility?

Charging at door step
Charging at your convenience
Zero waiting time
Available 24 X 7
Real time slot booking
CCS2 Charger
Least infrastructure required at location

About Us


We decided to do our part by contributing to our environment and opted for an E-Vehicle. Staying in a high rise became our biggest challenge. We had to run to different offices within our society to get a small electric point at our parking spot situated in the basement.

At times talking nonsense with privileged friends of different professional backgrounds triggers how to curb daily life challenges to ease our as well as other's life. This is how our gossip converted into the formation of ' SPOT CHARGE '.

An E-vehicle mobile charger at your doorstep is a solution to all these problems. Now no need to go for a personalized charging point, no more running to a commercial charging station, zero wait time, book your slot 24 X 7 sitting at your home.

We are lending our hand for a green future. Will you hold it to become a part of Solution and not a part of Pollution?

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